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Category: News

Auditions for Anne of Green Gables

In conjunction with the Grange exhibit, the Wayne County Museum invites you to another agricultural town called Avonlea as they perform a radio play of the childhood classic Anne of Green Gables.

It tells the story of stern Marilla and her warm-hearted brother Matthew who hope to adopt a boy to work on their farm. But the orphanage sends young, befreckled Anne by mistake, and their lives will never be the same. Her warmth and wit affect everyone around her – even, eventually, the cold Marilla. We follow Anne through her rebellious years, her transformation into a young woman, and her romantic pairing with Gilbert. This play has been charming audiences around the world.

But we need several actors to bring this story to life.

Auditions at the Wayne County Museum on November 7 at 7:00. Sides will be available at auditions, along with audition sheets. If you cannot make the date, we will also accept video auditions. Please contact Heath Radford at if interested or there are any audition questions.

Character List with Age Ranges


Anne Shirley 12.5 – 16

Marilla Cuthbert 40-60

Rachel Lynde 50-70

Mrs. Blewitt 30-50

Diana Barry 12-16

Mrs. Barry 30-50

Miss Stacy 30-50

Ruby Gillis 12-16

Josie Pye 12-16


Matthew Cuthbert 40-60

Station Master 40-60

Mr. Spencer 40-60

Mr. Phillips 20-40

Moody MacPherson 16-18

Charlie Sloane 16-18

Gilbert Blythe 16-18

Seventeen Men: USCT Civil War Portraits

The Wayne County Museum is honored to host a traveling historical exhibit by artist Shayne Davidson, entitled “17 Men.” The exhibit will be on display until October, and contains 17 portraits of men who served in the 25th United States Colored Troops. The exhibit ties in with both our current photography exhibit, and the latest Civil War Trails, Inc. marker downtown, honoring the 135th USCT. The portraits are colored drawings of the soldiers of the 25th USCT. The artist has painstakingly hand-drawn and researched each soldier from the company, and their bios hang below each portrait. Approximately 180,000 African Americans were part of Union forces during the Civil War, with most serving in the United States Colored Troops.

Scott Berkeley

This wonderful WWI photo was recently donated to the museum by Scott Berkeley’s family. The photo is of Scott B Berkeley, Mayor of Goldsboro from 1938 until his death in 1964. Due to Mayor Berkeley’s efforts , the SJAFB that was deactivated post-war, was reopened in 1953. This lovely antique photo will now be on view in our “Behind the Lens” photography exhibit.

WW1 Picture of Scott B Berkeley.

The Goldsboro Goldbugs Baseball Team

Goldsboro had a minor league baseball team in the early 1900s.The Goldsboro Goldbugs were a community farm team based in Goldsboro in the 1910s and 1920s. Founded by the owner of the A.T. Griffin Manufacturing Company, the team was also called the Manufacturers. The Goldsboro Goldbugs were both an Eastern Carolina League (1929) and Coastal Plain League (1937–1941, 1946–1949) team. This baseball from 1948 was signed by the team manager Bill Herring, and player Jack Hussey. Hussey was the team’s first baseman and was considered the local “Babe Ruth” of Goldsboro. *Donated by Mr. Dillon Wooten

New Chairs!

The next time you come to the museum for an event like our Free Speaker Series Event with Quilter Hollis Chatelain on Jan 21st or the Free Speaker Series Event: Joel Dobson, Bernetiae Reed and the Broken Arrow Crash presentation on Jan 28th, you can enjoy the comfort of our beautiful new, padded ballroom chairs. Come check them out and see what else is new at the museum!

Golden Gala

Did you know that an award-winning television writer, producer, and playwright grew up in Fremont? Mr. Jamie Wooten was recently added to the Museum’s Wall Of Fame and has donated Golden Girls-related memorabilia to the museum. We will be holding a ticketed Golden Gala Fundraiser on Friday, November 12th from 7-9pm. There will be a raffle for fabulous prizes donated by local merchants as well as Golden Girls-related memorabilia donated by Jamie Wooten. Raffle tickets are only $1 each, and museum members will receive one free raffle ticket at the door. There will also be a video appearance by Jamie; he will be discussing his career in Hollywood and the Golden Girls. There will be entertainment, trivia, a costume contest, refreshments, and of course, cheesecake. Tickets are only $10 each.

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