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Month: March 2024


Did you know that the term “moonshine” is said to have originated in our state, and the production of illegal whiskey has been a part of Eastern NC history for centuries? Do you have any Moonshine, Bootlegger, or Prohibition-related items or paraphernalia in your own collection? Do you have a good story or information about prohibition, moonshiners, bootleggers, local speakeasies, or liquor houses in this or the surrounding eastern NC counties? We would love to talk to you about them for our upcoming Summer exhibit, “Moonshine, Bootleggers, Temperance, and Prohibition” that will be opening on June 1st. Contact us as we’d love to hear from you!

Spring / Summer 2024 Exhibit

Our Spring/Summer show will be “Moonshine, Temperance, and Bootlegging.” It will explore the history and traditions of Eastern NC moonshiners and Bootleggers and the Temperance Movement that brought about prohibition. The Eighteenth Amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919, and forbade the making of, sale, or transportation of alcohol, but it failed to keep any of those things from happening. The exhibit will open on Saturday, June 1st.