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WCHA Board Application

The WCHA & Museum Board of Directors is an active volunteer board committed to presenting the history of Wayne County, through the Wayne County Museum, and making it a viable part of the downtown Goldsboro and Wayne County community. Through the use of committees, this board works to create new exhibits twice a year as well as interesting and engaging programs/events that are a testament to the diversity of the area. Board members work within the community and with community leaders to increase awareness and preservation of local history. Funding for this organization is acquired through local finding sources, grants and donations; board members are responsible for soliciting resources to fund the WCHA & Museum’s projects and events and giving their time and support to these activities, museum members and staff. If you believe you can make such a valuable commitment and positive addition to this organization, please complete this application.

This organization accomplishes goals through the hard work of numerous committees. Current committees include, but are not limited to, Grants, Publicity & Fundraising and Events & Exhibits.

General Information:

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If so, who?
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At this time, the WCHA & Museum Board meets quarterly. Can you dedicate the time to attending these meetings?  Yes: No:
Meeting times are subject to change to best accommodate the majority. What are dates/times that you are regularly available to attend meetings?
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